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Rooms Available

by Gemma Sum -

  1. Address: 23B Braibrise Road Wilson
  2. Availability: NOW
  3. Rent payment: 4- weekly
  4. Semi-furnished
  5. Four bedrooms in the house, with three standard rooms (AVAILBLE) and one big room (big room is taken)
  6. One bathroom and one separate toilet
  7. No pets allowed (as per the property owner)
  8. No smokers allowed (as per the property owner)
  9. Female tenants will be considered first (as per the property owner)
  10. Rental review is possible if utility bills are higher than current calculations
  11. Minimum tenancy: 1 year to 12 March 2024 (offers with longer tenancy will be considered first)

Please contact Alex: immediately if you are interested in taking one of the standard rooms. All offer prices will be kept at discretion.  

Easter Egg Hunt!

by Gemma Sum -


Presenting our next campus event, the Easter Egg Hunt. 

The hunt begins on the 28th and the 30th of March! Prizes are to be won, to win students must find the most eggs around the campus.

Good luck and have fun!

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